April 15, 2014

Chantilly Circuit Race

Chantilly was a standard, boring office park circuit race. The road surface did not fare the winter well. The back side of the course was a minefield of broken pavement, seams, and sand. On each lap there was a lot of jostling for position in the field. Everyone wanted to be towards the front to avoid plowing unseen into a pothole.

DC Velo, NCVC, and Bike Doctor were well represented, again. Each team had their motivations for a sprint finish, so any efforts to get away fizzled out within a lap or two. A stiff headwind coming into the finishing stretch teased at the possibility of a breakaway. For those of us not interested in a sprint, there was a possibility to get away, or at least attempt to.

I think it was with 5 to go, a group of maybe eight guys snuck off the front. I worked my way across the gap and when I got there I kept going. They sat up to look at one another, so I took off. A few other guys came with me. We were able to grow the gap a little further, but a lack of cooperation, motivation, and the headwind put an end to the move. That was pretty much it for my race at that point.

The Good

  • Kept myself in a position to make moves
  • Felt like a race protagonist

The Bad

  • Wasted effort chasing moves
  • Should have conserved for the eventual sprint
  • Put myself in a bad position going into final corner
  • Didn't contest sprint


Safe, in the pack