April 8, 2014

All American Road Race

Weather reports called for a high near 60, but I don't think it ever made it past 52. Clothing choice was difficult, a strong wind made it feel even colder than it was. I made the wrong decision to wear heavy gloves and arm warmers. Once warmed up, they were too much, I definitely roasted myself.

The first lap was hectic. DC Velo, Bike Doctor, and Harley were all well represented. Accordingly they each took turns sending guys off the front. I wasted a lot of energy throughout the first two laps chasing futile moves. Each move was too early for it to stick, and I knew that. Despite that, I chased anyway.

It seems there is always a crash within the first two laps of this race. This year was no different. The field turned into the crosswind on River road. Somewhere behind me there was a touch of wheels, a crash, and a split in the field. The split was short lived, but it did manage two things: first, it weakened the field. Guys chased hard to get back on, and second it reduced the size of some of the bigger teams.

Blood was in the water. People were tiring just as we started the third lap. I was sitting somewhere within the top 15 after making the turn onto Sugarland road. We rolled through the first couple sections and I spotted a group of 8, or 9 guys moving into the distance. Somewhere they had gone off the front. That was the move.

I waited for the right opportunity, and jumped from the field, going through the inside of a turn to get a decent gap. Out of the saddle, I pushed hard across the gap to the break. It felt like a good minute of all-out effort, but I made it. Once there, the things I should have done, and the things I did are not congruent.

The effort of bridging the gap put me into the hole. It took a while to settle into a good rhythm. Also, I was not attentive to eating, or drinking. I should have eaten/drank something on the first lap of the break. By the time it occurred to me that I was running low, it was already way too late. I spent almost 5 laps in the break before I completely exploded. The field rolled by, but that was it for me.

I was two laps short, and that was the winning move. I am happy that I picked the winning move, but unhappy that I did not take better care of my interests.

The Good

  • Good positioning
  • Read the race correctly
  • Made the winning move

The Bad

  • Wasted too much energy the first to laps
  • Didn't eat, or drink enough before the race
  • Didn't eat, or drink enough during the race
  • Need thicker skin when it comes to putting all eggs in one basket