April 1, 2014

Jeff Cup

Jeff cup was a day for the hard men. The weather played a bigger role in the race than any team, or individual rider. The high for the day was an optimistic 42 degrees, but the wet cut to the bone.

Breakaways dominated the early races. With conditions what they were, I believed a small group could win my race. I spent the first half of the race riding the front trying to cover the moves I believed to be dangerous. I paid dearly for my efforts. A couple guys were able to carve out at most 20 seconds, but the wind shut down those efforts.

The field was strung out, single file, thanks to efforts throughout the race by Kelly and DC Velo. Hearing the bell on the final lap was a relief. Thoughts of numb extremities disappeared, and finishing strong renewed my motivation. The last lap was hard. We hit the hill single file, on the limit, muscles aching, belly breathing, and trying to get it over with as fast as possible. I pushed hard only to realize the group was now two. That was my race. I cruised to the line, towed by three Harley guys.

212 x2
Credit: Igda Warner (velogirl22.smugmug.com/2014-Jeff-Cup)

The Good

  • Covered the dangerous moves
  • Pushed my mental and physical limits
  • I am happy with my positioning throughout the race
  • Comfortable on the descents in the wet

The Bad

  • I knew race would split on last lap, but did not hit the hill further towards front
  • Allowed self doubt, the cold, and fake fatigue to limit me on the first lap