April 1, 2014

Black Hill Circuit Race

Before the race I could feel the effort I put into RIR the day before. I was definitely nervous about the level of fatigue in my legs.

Sitting on the rollers for 35 minutes before the race helped. The first few laps were mellow, no real attacks. Kelly and DC Velo were both motivated, so I knew if a break were to go, they would be the instigators. I spent effort on one move that I thought would be the race's move. The move was too early, and people were too motivated. A sprint decided the race.

123 xl
Credit: Igda Warner (velogirl22.smugmug.com/Sports/2014-Bike-Doctor)

The Good

  • Legs felt great despite fatigue from previous day
  • Read race right, had confidence race would result in a sprint finish

The Bad

  • Positioning, I was too complacent with sitting in
  • Took risks I should not have (I feel like I rode like a ding dong)