February 19, 2014

For about eight months, design demons have delayed a product I need to ship. I am finding it difficult to design something that feels native to iOS 7, yet includes subtle styling cues to show I care. Attention to small detail, the detail that a user would take for granted is what makes an app great. If you never notice what I did, but can sense the thought put into the product, then I will feel like I succeeded.

Logarithmic scaling is something I discovered that helps add weight to the user interface. In testing, I found linear scaling of alpha values is too inhuman, and impersonal. Users deserve a feeling of resistance to destructive visual elements. The swipe-left-to-delete paradigm often times does not have enough friction. There needs to be some initial resistance to the action before a linear response is appropriate.

As a result, where it fits, I have changed my linear animations to model the curve of the natural log.